bFan® With Wireless Remote & Brushless Motor - NEW for 2020

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bFan® With Wireless Remote & Brushless Motor - NEW for 2020

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We have listened to you and have done all we can to improve the bFan in areas that some have asked about. The two areas that we wanted to improve were the sound level, and the remote.

With regard to the sound level, many of us were satisfied with the current model, but some in the family have very good hearing, and they could hear what I never could. We examined this issue and found that the brushes on the motors were randomly making a slight noise. I say randomly because it was just that, random between units. The culprit was the brushes. Again, not all of the units did this but one in a hundred was enough for us to make a change.

Our solution was to eliminate the brushes and move to a brushless motor. This move came with several advantages, as listed below.


  1. Brushless motors are much quieter due to the elimination of brush contact with the commutator.
  2. They run much cooler due to the elimination of brush friction against the commutator.
  3. They are more powerful due to the efficiency of power conversion.
  4. They are more controllable.
  5. They last much longer due to the lack of degrading (brushes) parts.

That being a short list of advantages leads us to one of the effectual benefits. The brushless motor is controlled by a logical controller that pulses power to the motor at various rates of speed and levels. The speed variability is accomplished with an onboard computer that can be easily controlled using indirect signals or wireless controls. This ability lends to the natural progression towards a wireless remote.

That being said, we are happy to announce that version two is fitted with a wireless remote.  It is a simple yet sophisticated remote that allows for precision control of the new brushless motor — enabling the user to find that perfect airflow that will help you sleep comfortably through the night. The new wireless remote will allow you to set your speed and return to that speed each night. We have also incorporated timers into the remote that will turn the fan off at either 4 hours or 9 hours.

Bedfan wireless remote