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The New bFan® built in Texas better than the brookstone knockoff bed fan

Night Sweats No More with our bed cooling fans

I have been using our new BFan for a while now and absolutely LOVE IT!!! Honestly, I was skeptical when I saw the video and the fan blew the comforter up from the airflow, I thought, "no way!" But it TOTALLY DOES!!! My husband didn't even want it blowing on his side until I plugged it up and turned it on, now he wants to hog all the cold air! We both love our new BFan and can't sleep at night without it. The fan is super powerful and has a very wide range of settings. It tucks nicely under the bed so no worries of stumping your toes during the night either. I have suffered my entire life with being hot at night and tossing covers off me but now that we have a BFan I don't have to do that and I stay nice and wrapped up under the comforter, toss and turn less and get a much better nights rest! I love our BFan and wouldn't live without out!!!

Our Fans

Our bed cooling fans will help you sleep cooler, stop night sweats, ease menopause night sweats, eliminate sleeping hot, put an end to sleepless nights, or even save money on your air conditioning.

You have a choice between our newest version bed cooling fan, the New bFan® or our original Bedfan. Both fans are built here in Texas using U.S. made and internationally produced parts with American ingenuity and American workers.

When you buy one of our bed cooling fans like our Bedfan or bFan® you are helping more than 10 other American companies and their employees.

The New bFan® built in Texas NOT the brookstone knockoff bed fan
The bedfan older brother to the bfan

The New bFan® and the Origian Bedfan

The Bedfan and the New bFan® will send a calm breeze between your top and bottom bed sheets, cooling your body and your bed. The easy access remote will allow you to find your perfect sleeping temperature.

The Bedfan and bFan® will help you sleep cooler, stop night sweats, ease menopause night sweats, eliminate sleeping hot, put an end to sleepless nights, or even save money on your air conditioning. Either way you go, with the Bedfan or bFan® we assure you that you will be delighted.

The Gentle, Adjustable Breeze Cools Your Body And Your Bed

As a one year owner/user of the Bedfan I can attest to the fact that everything that everyone else says in their testimonial is absolutely true! No more night sweats! I was able to turn my thermostat up from 72 to 82. I was skeptical but as I kept waking up freezing cold…I kept turning it up until it was at 82. I sleep better. It will not disturb your sleeping partners temperature. So if one person likes it warm, and the other cool…then put the fan closer to you…if both of you want to be cool, position it in the middle. My power bills have been cut in half! This fan is one of the best things I ever bought! You will save enough money on your power bill in about 2 months to cover the cost of the Bedfan. Makes a great gift also, I gave away 4 of them last Christmas. Joanne Orlando, FL

Remember, Always use high thread count sheets

WE Built our first bed fan over 15 years ago now we have The New bFan® built in Texas better than the brookstone knockoff bed fan


Finally got mine 3 days ago. Waited until today to give my opinion of the bfan. Honestly, this thing really works. It took a little getting used to with the breeze hitting you from under the sheets but sleep has improved tremendously as you don’t wake up from heat build up. The unit is easy to assemble, has plenty of cable length and runs super quiet. I could have used it sooner but better late then never. Kurt you should take this to the Shark tank and find funding cause I’m sure it will take off. Good luck.

Jose Checo

. I just received my bfan and tried it out. WOW!!! I am very impressed. I have always made it a point to sing the praises of any company that puts out a great product and I will do that here. I made a quick video of the fan and its performance and showed it to a lady I know that owns a flower business. She was very impressed.  Her daughter and son in law are in need of one and when I showed her the pictures and video of mine she said she will speak to her husband and see about getting one. My friend that lives in my building  wants one for her husband as he suffers from eczema and heat aggravates it so he could use one of your fans. I will have them both come and see mine and hopefully another purchase will come soon.

Thank you so much again and I wish you and your team continued success and good health,

Kind regards,


What an awesome product! No more arguing over the temperature at night! I have my own personal fan! I couldn't be more happy! Night sweats are a thing of the past! Any woman going through menopause should definitely own one! Color me ecstatic!! Thank you bFan!

Cheryl S


"I absolutely love it"


"Finally get a good night's rest"


"Perfect for hot sleepers"

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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the bFan® for any reason we will gladly refund your purchase price if returned to us within 30 days of your purchase. But we don’t think you will ever give it up..

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The New bFan® bed cooling fan

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