Order your Bedfan™ now!

Order your Bedfan™ now!

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The Bedfans™ innovative cooling fan design removes the heat that is generated by your body and gets trapped inside your bed (your sheets, comforter, and mattress). This unique bed cooling system for night sweats enables you to sleep much cooler and deeper at night, saving you money on air conditioning costs.

The top will extend from 19” tall to 37” tall. The air duct is 12” wide and ¾” deep. The base is 6.25” tall X 7” deep and 12” wide. The base can be set in any direction, either under the bed or pointing outward from the bed. Our fan can be placed under the sheets, anywhere around the bed from the foot to the top and anywhere along the sides.

How the Bedfan™ works

Want to Sleep Cooler?

This is how and why the Bedfan works.

Order your Bedfan™ now!

Order your Bedfan™ now!

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Our Story

See the history of the development of the original Bedfan™ to today's Bedfan™

History of the Original Bedfan™

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the bFan® for any reason we will gladly refund your purchase price if returned to us within 30 days of your purchase. But we don’t think you will ever give it up..


Where are your fans made?

Since the very beginning in 2003 when we first started making our Bedfan, (the original) we have been building them in Texas. Our first production facility was actually in our garage in Snook Texas, a small town just outside of Collage Station Texas. My wife, children, family and in-laws all pitched in to make this dream come true. Soon people started seeing the Bedfan on TV and reading about it in the news papers, on line as well as hearing radio interviews that I did. At that point it got to be really hectic in our garage. I would get all kinds of people helping out just to keep up with the catalogs and retailers. It was fun but we soon out grew that. Eventually we decided to move all of our production into Boerne Texas. Boerne is where we started and in a small house on river road. I spent many late night hours making prototypes and testing various designs. Boerne is also the town where my friends have an injection molding company called Bee Jay Molding. It was with their guidance and patience that I took my idea and turned it into a reality. Still to this day we build the Bedfan in Boerne Texas, we do have to import a few parts from over seas but that is only because so many factories have closed up shop in the U.S. and moved where the labor is cheaper. I made a promise that if I was ever blessed enough to have the opportunity to build a product that would help people, I would build it here, and do my part in keeping jobs in America. I have kept that promise and will always as long as God is willing to let me. The Bedfan - conceived, designed, manufactured and built in Texas, always.

When Did you build your first Bedfan

We built the very first Bedfan in 2003, it was made of sheet metal. See the video above, Our Story for details

How do I Pair the Remote to the Bedfan

Please watch this video.. CLICK HERE

Is the Bedfan only for people with night sweats

The Bedfan is for everyone that wants to sleep deeper, cooler and fuller. Some people just want to save money on their Air-conditioning bill and some people are dealing with night sweats for countless other reasons. The Bedfan works for everyone that wants a cooler more comfortable night of sleep.

How will it stop my night sweats

When you get into bed and develop a hot flash or night sweats, the extra heat that is generated under the covers has no place to go. Your body will naturally try to cool itself down by sweating. The Bedfan provides you with a constant, gentle flow of air that helps remove that extra heat, lower your body temperature and keep you from sweating. For more details on this see our page on night sweats

Is the bedfan™ quiet

Please see this page regarding the question, how quiet is the Bedfan™