Is the bFan® Quiet?

Recently someone posted a question regarding the measured sound level of the bFan ®, so I decided to run a test to see if it truly is a quiet fan for the bedroom. I used a phone-based dB measuring app called “Sound Meter,” you can use it as well. I shut down all other noisemakers in the room and set the meter on the floor about 18 inches away from the base of the mattress cooling fan. I turned the bFan® on and took the first measurement at the lowest speed. The reading came out to be 28dB. I then increased the speed to about midway; this reading came to be about 35dB. Finally, I set the speed at full flow, and this reading came to be about 54dB.

The Decibel scale bellow will show you what these numbers mean.

bFan sound levels

Others might try to say that their product is also a quiet fan for the bedroom, but the difference is that theirs might as well be OFF for it is moving no air.

When you chose the bFan®, you are getting the best airflow low noise fan for the bedroom available of this type of fan. 

If you find that it is Not quiet, then there must be a problem, be sure to contact us so we can get it resolved.