Menopause Night Sweats

Menopause Night Sweats Can Be Stopped

  • Menopause Night Sweats
  • Sleepless nights from menopause
  • Hot flashes at night are not uncommon.
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This section will briefly explain to you how menopause night sweats can be stopped.

Although there are many options for dealing with menopause night sweats, often times they are only dealing with the aftermath of the night sweats. Take for example sleepwear for night sweats. This sleepwear, though very effective in collecting sweat, will not stop night sweats. They simply collect night sweat in the material and are not a hot flash cooling product.

It is our opinion, and that of many of our customers, that it is better to stop menopause night sweats all together rather than simply collecting the sweat. The bFan® cooling system will stop menopause night sweats and will keep you dry and comfortable all night long.

The bFan® cooling system stops menopause night sweats by dealing with the heat that is built-up by the night time hot flash. If you are dealing with menopause and you have had a hot flash at night, chances are you have had night sweats. These menopause night sweats are tied directly to the hot flash.

Menopause has a way of making your body sharply increase in temperature at any given moment and without warning. This is known as the menopause hot flash. The Hot flash actually starts on the inside of our body where our cooling control system thinks it is over heating. The controller rushes blood from inside of our body to the skin level in order to try and cool itself down very fast. This in turn heats up the skin and tells the controller that the body is not cooling off fast enough. It is at that time the menopause night sweats will start.

The Menopause bed fan stops night sweats by preventing them from starting. Read our testimonials about night sweats due to menopause and you too will be convinced that the simple technology of hot flash cooling products, like the Bedfan, really will stop menopausal night sweats.

The bFan® simply delivers a fully controllable gentle breeze along your body at a rate that is controlled by you. The heat generated by the hot flash is pushed out from between your sheets by this cooling product allowing your body to remain refreshed all night long. Menopause night sweats don't stand a chance when the bFan® is used to keep your body cool.

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