Why The bFan® is Better

What makes the bFan® better?

The most significant difference between the Remotely Controlled bFan® and other fans like this, is how the bFan® moves the air.

Our bFan® uses a modified Dual Wheel Squirrel Cage Blower as you would find in a luxury car for its air conditioning system. These types of blowers alone will have an average retail value of well over $150.00

The blower we use is extraordinarily quiet, extremely high air flow when needed, and exceptionally high static pressure to push the air and will last many years under our operating conditions.

Our Blower

bFan Blower

Their Muffin Fan

The Brookstone fan is a knockoff of our original version uses two 90mm muffin fans that retail for about $5.00 each;

These muffin fans, in comparison to our Dual Wheel Squirrel Cage Blower, are much louder, have lower air flow, and very low static pressure. They worked ok at first but now, not so good. 

How do I know?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Years ago, 2002 to be exact, I built the very first Bedfan in my garage. Over the months it evolved from sheet metal to wood and then plastic. The Bedfan line ended in our last version 1.5, that is the black one. It was one of (you know who's) best selling products for almost five years. One day we contacted them before their spring purchase time and asked about new orders. They said they did not need us any longer and had their own. Well, that was interesting, to say the least. But I am not going to say much about this here, I will show you a picture, and you can decide how I know.

The base on the left is the original Bedfan base that we built almost 15 years ago. The one on the right is the Brookstone base, painted black and with the nose cone removed. I think you get the picture and this is how I know. 

We have moved on from this time in our lives, and we have improved our product to the new patent pending bFan®, let's hope that some people don't copy us again.  So that leaves you a choice, should you support the real innovators or would you instead support sub-quality duplicators.

When it comes to sleep, we deserved nothing less than the best, quiet, consistent, and built to last.

The bFan® is NOT a Brookstone product and it is NOT on Amazon. Don't be fooled into lesser quality. The bFan® is quieter, more stable, more powerful, has better airflow, higher static pressure and is built in Texas!


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