Who to Talk to About Your Insomnia

Though sleeping difficulties are common among Americans, a significant portion of the population suffers from a serious sleep disorder called insomnia. The American Journal of Managed Care points out that more than half of adults experience difficulty with sleeping. Among this population, about 22.1% meet the diagnostic criteria for insomnia. Most of these individuals were discovered to be older adults, menopausal women, as well as those with a lower socioeconomic status.

Recognizing that insomnia can stem from age, menopause, and even societal stressors, patients suffering from sleeping difficulties can approach multiple medical professionals that can address their specific needs. We gathered this list of who to talk to about insomnia and other sleep problems to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Primary Care Physician

Primary care physicians are some of the first medical professionals that you can consult regarding insomnia. These physicians are either internal medicine physicians that cater to adults or family medicine physicians who specialize in treating both adults and children. These physicians offer simple treatment strategies to help you sleep better, such as melatonin supplements that can be prescribed upon your consultation. Since melatonin is the “sleep hormone,” physicians can prescribe synthetic melatonin to improve sleep efficiency in certain medical cases. But if your insomnia stems from a more serious medical condition, your primary care physician will direct you to a specialist that can address its root cause.

Health Service Professionals

If societal stressors can be influencing your insomnia, you can approach nearby health service centers that offer cost-effective treatments to the public. These centers provide efficient programs since they are run by professionals with a background in healthcare management. Many of these centers specifically focus on specialized medical practices, like sleep related conditions. In fact, the demand for health service professionals is increasing by 32%, and will only continue to grow as long as the demand for affordable healthcare remains. With the supervision of health service professionals, you can avail of consultations and services that can help you overcome insomnia. These health service professionals can help you seek effective treatments, medication, and even preventive measures for insomnia without breaking the bank.

 Sleep Medicine Specialist

You can also approach sleep medicine specialists, especially if you need to manage a serious, long-term case of insomnia. As specialists, these physicians undergo rigorous training in medical school and in their medical residency before getting a fellowship in sleep medicine. Afterward, they will need to attain appropriate sleep medicine credentials from the American Board of Medical Specialties to ensure that they are qualified to address conditions related to sleep. This intensive training is critical since these physicians will conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition using specialized tests like polysomnography or home sleep apnea testing. Upon examining the results of your test, these specialists will provide the appropriate treatments for your specific case.


 Aside from seeking treatment from other professionals, individuals experiencing insomnia can also consider seeking hypnotherapy. However, it is recommended that you seek this service from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist that has received training and certification in hypnotherapy to get the best results. Though there are at-home smartphone applications available, many of these lack scientific credentials that ensure the effectiveness of their treatments. By working with a trained hypnotherapist, you can use hypnosis as a method to alter any habits or thoughts that interfere with your ability to sleep. The expertise of hypnotherapists can even help you develop healthier sleep habits so that you can easily prepare yourself to sleep every night.

Insomnia is a serious medical condition that affects many Americans. It can stem from a wide array of causes, which is why it's vital for you to seek a professional that can address your specific concerns. As such, seeking the help of primary care physicians, health service professionals, sleep medicine specialists, or hypnotherapists will be vital to your recovery from insomnia.

Exclusively written for bedfans-usa.com by Jessica Sears

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