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Night Sweats and sleeping hot can be controlled, here are just a few stories that we have received.

    I have Multiple Sclerosis. When I become overheated my MS symptoms worsen. I started using my "BedFan" this past summer. It is a great product for me! I've been able to sleep at night without the discomfort I feel when I become overheated.

    The "BedFan" actually lowered the electric bill because the air conditioner didn't have to run as often. I did have to buy new sheets that had a higher thread count. (The instructions recommend 400 or higher thread count.) This DID make the "BedFan" more efficient. Once I bought a set of 600 threat count sheets I was able to keep the "BedFan" on a very low setting. I couldn't even feel air blowing on my feet or legs,yet my body stayed cool and comfortable.

    I recommend this product to fellow "MSers". Since I'm a woman and 48 years old,I also recommend it for menopausal symptoms...night sweats. This is a product that helped me save money and improves the quality of my life. Thanks for a super product!!

    Happy "MSer"

    This bedfan is awesome. [...] it was easy to install. As soon as I got the product installed, I turned my standing fan and A/C off and felt instant coolness. I was able to sleep with the A/C off which should lower my bill.

     J. Taylor

     Dear Mr. Tompkins,

    I just received my Bedfan and I had to write to you to express how impressed I am with this product. It is ingenious. You would think all of us women out there suffering from menopausal night sweats would have invented something like this, but I guess none of us can think clearly while in the throes of menopause. I think you have created a great product.

    I installed the Bedfan on my bed in less than five minutes. I thought I had a tall bed, but I don't and the Bedfan fit perfectly as depicted in some of the pictures in the installation manual. It isn't night time yet, but I jumped into bed to try it out and the cooling effect was just fantastic. And, you don't really have to turn it up all the way to feel comfortable; the lower fan speed provides good cooling and the fan is quiet at lower speeds.

    The Bedfan is not widely advertised. If I had not been looking at the AOL welcome page on a recent afternoon, I would not have learned about this product. The Bedfan is the perfect product for a shopping channel like QVC. I shop alot on QVC and if I had seen a demonstration of the Bedfan there I would have immediately ordered it. I think they would welcome you with open arms and thousands of people would be calling up to order it during your presentation. Also, stores like Bed Bath and Beyond are perfect settings to showcase the Bedfan.

    I almost canceled my order thinking it was not going to ship out in a timely fashion and after receiving your email I am so glad I did not cancel

    Thank you for a great product.

    Sincerely, Arlene M

    Please feel free to share this on your testimonial page.  

    As a one year owner/user of the Bedfan I can attest to the fact that everything that everyone else says in their testimonial is absolutely true! No more night sweats! I was able to turn my thermostat up from 72 to 82. I was skeptical but as I kept waking up freezing cold…I kept turning it up until it was at 82. I sleep better. It will not disturb your sleeping partners temperature. So if one person likes it warm, and the other cool…then put the fan closer to you…if both of you want to be cool, position it in the middle. My power bills have been cut in half! This fan is one of the best things I ever bought! You will save enough money on your power bill in about 2 months to cover the cost of the Bedfan. Makes a great gift also, I gave away 4 of them last Christmas.

    Joanne Orlando, FL

    Kurt,  Living in a jungle setting that is hot all year long, I `d like to personally thank you and your company for producing such an innovative product.  I have never slept so well and in cool comfort since I found out about your bedfan from a friend.  It was also very easy to install, and actually the picture alone did it.  I`m usually intimidated by directions and having to put something together, but was plesantly surprised that this was not the case.

    I am taking every opportunity to rave about your fan as I cannot sleep without it.  Have you thought about making a travel size?

    Thanks again,

    Queena, Tropic Star Lodge, Pinas Bay, Panama

    After the constant air conditioning wars with my husband, I was finally at the end of my rope.  I needed to find a solution that would not affect his side of the bed (My husband gets chily and I have night sweats.).  I finally found the solution that would save us both, the Bed Fan.  My  husband was skeptical at first.  He thought it would be loud or that he would feel a draft.  He didn't and I slept great for the first time in a really long time.  I really wish I had found the Bed Fan when I was pregnant with my son.  So... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  I love my Bed Fan and I will be buying one for my hot friends and family. Thank you!!!   Cheryl S.
    Oh my goodness the bedfan is wonderful. I turned the thermostat up to 75 and got cold so it will go up even further tonight. Thank you for a wonderful product. Mary Smith

    Hi Kurt,

    I just wanted to tell you how much we love the bedfans.  I have told my whole family about this wonderful invention and I’ll be telling Jim’s family and our friends too.  The only thing is, one of my dogs, and one of my cats are ‘hogging’ up the fan on my side of the bed.  The first night was bliss (and my husband agreed).  Then the second night Beau and Xena each discovered the source of the refreshing coolness and I awoke at different times, warm and noting that one of them was sprawled right in front of it.  They were either vying for that precious space or taking turns somehow.  It was really cute, but it’s continued and I’m not sure I’m sleeping better at all (maybe worse).  Our animals are like our kids, so we don’t want to shut them out.  However, it’s clear to me now, that the possible solution may be a third bedfan for the center of the bed!  I will be placing an order soon, cross your fingers.  Thanks again for inventing the bedfan – you deserve riches.  I am going to paste a link to your site on my Facebook wall too.

    All the best, Laurie

    I  talked to you earlier today about my bedfan breaking.

    We do truly love this product and don't want to be without it.  It keeps us comfortable and cool at night and it saves us a bundle on our air conditioning bill.  I love the way you don't have to make it cold in the rest of the house (which is expensive) just to have your bedroom cool enough to be comfortable at night.  Thank you for making this product!  Everyone should have one, and we're telling our friends.  I didn't know if you wanted me to send you our bedfan and repair it, or what I should do.  My name and address is Karen -----------, Granite City, IL

    Thank you so much,

    Your fan, (just had to say that)        Karen

    Hi Kurt,

    I just wanted to thank you so much for inventing the Bed Fan! I've always been a "hot sleeper", but now that I'm going through menopause it's even worse. I bought a Bed Fan a few months ago and WOW what a difference it's made. For the first time in years I'm getting a full night's sleep.

    So thanks again, and I'll continue spreading the word about your wonderful product!    Claudia R.
    Unbelievably wonderful! We have slept for 20 years on a waterbed but decided that now that we're in our 60's it was time to get a real bed. From the very first night, we thought we were going to be roasted alive! Even our dogs that sleep with us were getting way too warm and they are the cold natured type dogs. After 3 weeks of suffering, I went online and discovered Bedfans.

    My husband was very doubtful but I could just see no reason why it wouldn't work. Our bed itself is a good foot off the floor and then when you add the new type mattress and box springs, it's way up there. Not to worry! Tompkins Research has all that covered!! I'm sleeping completely through the night and best of all, I'm sleeping cool. This was one time my husband didn't mind eating crow as he loves it too!!!! Oh.....our dogs love it also!!

    Kyle & Linda S

    Goliad, TX

    I love my Bedfan!!!!!

    I have had it about 3 weeks and use it every night including a recent trip out of town. I have suffered with night sweats ever since I had a hysterectomy 16 years ago and nothing ever helped. We kept our bedroom ridiculously cold so that I would be halfway comfortable, and of course we paid ridiculous electric bills because of it.

    Now I sleep though the night without having to throw the covers off and I have raised our thermostat 3 degrees. My husband enjoys the cool air blowing around him also and doesn't consider it a discomfort at all.

    You are right about the thread count, it does work better with higher thread counts.

    Thank you for making a product that ended my night sweats and gives me a good night's sleep.


    Ann M

    P.S. Your customer service is awesome.


    I just had to write and say thank you. I love the Bedfan . I can finally sleep aside my husband. It has been about 5 years since I had a full nights rest in bed. Living in the South and 47 years old and handicapped left me 95% of the time sleeping about maybe 2 hours a night. The heat with combination of my age and medication made it to unbearable to stay in bed . I purchased the Bedfan after I saw a article of Fox News website. I was skeptical but thought I would give it a shot. Anything to be able to rest in bed. After I received it my husband put it together. That night was the first night that I had slept 8 hours without waking for years. Thank you. My husband thanks you. He can now sleep soundly as I am next to him. I have told everyone I know about the BEDFAN.

    Thank you,

    Luise F G.

    My husband surprised me with the Bedfan. I had been sleeping with a fan blowing on me for the past two years due to night sweats and neuropathy. He freezes even in the summer as I turn the fan up and the air-conditioning down, and the noise is bothersome to him

    With the Bedfan, I can turn it up or down anytime without getting out of bed and it blows only on me and it is quiet enough that it does not bother him. I use it year around!

    The instructions tell you to put it under the top sheet at the foot of the bed , however I place it on my side where it is needed at the time I retire. Most cases it is at the foot as directed.

    I love my Personal Bedfan and have recommend it to many of my friends.

    Judy in Michigan

    Hi Kurt,

    I just wanted to thank you so much for inventing the Bed Fan! I've always been a "hot sleeper", but now that I'm going through menopause it's even worse. I bought a Bed Fan a few months ago and WOW what a difference it's made. For the first time in years I'm getting a full night's sleep.

    So thanks again, and I'll continue spreading the word about your wonderful product!

    Claudia Ramsdell

    I have been using my Bed Fan this past year, and have been SO pleased with it. Due to several health issues, sleep was so difficult and I would wake up so many times feeling horribly overheated. Since the Bed Fan has been installed, most nights are so much more comfortable. I love being able to change the speed of the fan as needed at any time during the night. The Bed Fan was the best purchase we have Built in a long time! Worth every penny!


    Living in San Antonio, air conditioning is a must; however it comes at a hefty price if you want to be comfortable. My wife keeps the thermostat at 78 to save money and because she truly is cold if the temp is below 78! Even at 78, she sleeps with a heavy comforter. I tried using the oscillating fans, but it only worked if I did not keep a sheet on me and my wife complained about being cold at night. After she watched the story about the Bedfan on one of the local morning shows, she bought one for me. I could see how it made sense, but I was still skeptical….that is until after the first night. I love this machine. Now I can sleep comfortably and we are continuing to save money by keeping the thermostat at 78.

    Thank you for not just thinking up this great idea but making it available to folks like me.

    Mike J.

    San Antonio, TX

    Hello - I received my Bedfan about a month ago. I'll admit I was a little skeptical. But after months of high electric bills due to the low setting on the air conditioner and my husband sleeping under a blanket in the summer, I was ready to try anything.

    It is absolutely amazing how well this fan works. What an incredibly unique concept!

    Last weekend, I accompanied my husband to his 35th college reunion. One of the ladies also had a Bed Fan. We told the other ladies how wonderful the fan is and, more importantly, our husbands were praising the fan to their classmates. By the end of the evening, several husbands were convinced they needed to order a Bed Fan! I hope you have continued success with the Bed Fan.

    It has improved the quality of my life (and sleep!)


    P. Larson

    Arlington TX

    We received our Bedfan in May, 2008 and have used it every night since. At first, I bought it for my night sweats, put it on my side of the king size bed and my husband thought I was crazy. Now it is in the middle of the bed serving both of us and he turns it on almost night when he goes to sleep. It is wonderful and I recommend it highly for anyone!



    This fan is awesome... I suffer from night sweats and hot flashes..this fan delivers quick cooling that gets me back to sleep asap. The only drawback is it is very light in weight, which is good on one hand but not so good on the other..the lightness of the product makes is slide out of place at night, which can make the air not circulate correctly under the sheets. I will be getting little velcro dots to attach it to my baseboard to hold it in place

    I have a solid to the floor baseboard at the foot of my bed. Other than that it truly keeps you very cool while sleeping. I would highly recommend this product and have in fact been telling everyone I know about it!! My mom and brother just ordered one(my brother travels to Mazatlan twice a year and it is very humid and hot, so he is really looking forward to cool nights with this product, my mom suffers from extreme hot flashes due to the medicine she is taking for after care from breast cancer so she too is looking forward to hers also!!

    Lynn M.
    This has TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE! Because of medication, I continually had my home set to 60º and now I keep my house at 77º all because of my bedfan! .

    Overall, this product is FABULOUS! The plastic allows your device to slightly bending when the sheets toug on the devise. I start out at HIGH SPEED when setting in bed, allowing the sheets to balloon up into a cool pocket of air, and eventually turn it to a low setting before sleeping. Good price for unit. The wired controller is great and long enough to reach to your pillow side. The power cord is also long enough to reach from the bottom of your bed to the top, to plug in your outlet. Could use some minor changes, but again, THIS HAS CHANGED THE WAY I LIVE AND SLEEP!!!!!


    Nurse Kevin

    I have had mine for a few years. I use it year round to stay comfortable. My utility bills are lower because I don't need to keep my house as cool to be comfortable. Magic.

    Carol Widdison

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