Shipping Status

Check this page for production and shipping information.

As you know, we build our fans in the small town of Boerne, Texas. We share a production facility (Bee Jay Molding) with other businesses, so at times there can be delays when we have to wait for our turn in one of the injection molding machines, We try not to make that an issue, but it can happen. We also bring some electrical parts in from overseas. At times we may even have to airfreight the parts. On this page, we will keep you posted as to what is happening at all times with your orders. We ship in the order that orders are placed, First in, First out.


Please note that production is running about one day behind at the moment. . 

Please be patient; we will get your fan sent to you soon. We will try to update this page every day during the week.

Thank you and Bless you, the bFan®Team