Bedfan V. 1.5

$ 89.95
Select Height:

The Bedfan Version 1.5 in available in Version A for beds 27 - 37" tall and Version B for beds 19" - 29" tall. You will select the size you need when ordering. . Measure from the floor to the top of the mattress.

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You will need to select the size based on your bed height, Most beds will be in the 27" - 37" range., if your bed is anywhere from 27" tall to 37" tall then you will select (Bfan-V1.5-A) If your bed is between 19" and 29" tall you will select (Bfan-V1.5-B) Simply measure from the floor to the top of your mattress to get your bed size and select the appropriate version. We are doing this to accommodate more beds and make using the Bedfan simpler.

Our Bedfan is the only Original Bed Fan built in America supporting American manufacturing. The Bedfan Cooling System is guaranteed to help if you are sleeping hot. If the Bed fan cooling system is unable to help you to stop sleeping hot, sleep cooler at night and stop night sweats you need only return it to us for a no hassle refund.

Instant cool relief from night sweats and menopause night sweats throughout the night! You will love this bed cooling fan known as the Bedfan. We support and stand behind American manufactures at all cost, even when doing otherwise would be more profitable. By supporting the Original Bed Fan ours, you are helping more than 6 other American manufacturing companies to keep their doors open so that they, like us, can help keep American manufacturing alive for the future of our children.