Are Hot Flashes a Sign of Labor

While hot flashes are most commonly associated with menopausal women, you probably already know from experience that they also occur during pregnancy. Many women also notice an increase in intensity during labor in the last couple of weeks leading up to it. There is a lot of hormone fluctuation during pregnancy, especially with estrogen, which is the driving force between both hot flashes and night sweats. These can both be very uncomfortable and disruptive to everyday life. Still, they can be alleviated with the use of the BedFan, which blows under the covers to cool the body directly. In fact, pregnant women are one of our top customers!

    As mentioned, hot flashes are one of the earliest signs of upcoming labor, generally beginning around two weeks before labor begins. Hot flashes are a very distinct feeling, generally described as feeling so hot that it is as if someone lit a fire near you. The body reacts as though external factors are making you feel that hot, causing you to sweat seemingly buckets of sweat. This feeling of such intense heat tends to become even worse when you lay down.

    So how do you know if these hot flashes are indeed an early sign of labor? The best way is to observe what other symptoms you're experiencing at that time. Some other early symptoms of labor are as follows:

  • When you have diarrhea in conjunction with your night sweats, it can be a pretty sure sign that these are early labor symptoms. Diarrhea is brought on by stomach issues resulting from the exact change in hormones that causes hot flashes; thus, it is common to see both these symptoms in the two weeks prior to labor. It can also occur due to the baby dropping towards the pelvis, which can subsequently cause a frequent urge to defecate and gas.
  • The dropping of the baby is called "lightening" and can occur as early as a few weeks prior to labor or just a couple of hours before. You will know lightening has transpired when pressure builds in the lower abdomen and an overall increase in discomfort within the pelvic region. A cramping feeling in the pelvic area is a sign that you are getting even closer to giving birth, as it can be a sign of the cervix widening. If the cramping occurs with contractions, it's a sure sign that labor is near.
  • You'll also be feeling the urge to "nest" a lot during this time. Nesting in pregnant women consists of deep cleaning, reorganizing, and decluttering. This sudden burst of energy can often come as quite a surprise because the majority of the pregnancy, especially around this time, is plagued by fatigue.

    No matter what your symptoms are, it's essential to trust your gut, as you know your body best. It is also possible, especially in first pregnancies, that there may not be any early signs of labor, and your first symptom of labor may be your water breaking. But, of course, once your water breaks, it is time to head to the hospital. It is also important to note that this article should not be used as a substitute for medical advice and should only be used for research purposes. If you have any health concerns, you should promptly contact your doctor.

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